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kaleio is a branding consultancy, leveraging business acumen alongside creative brand strategies to improve the bottom-line results for your company, and forward-thinking positioning of your brand identity. We create customized solutions for your unique challenges.



Brand Name









Brand Name Creation

Our KaleioCreate™ system develops compelling brands with stories and elements that connect and build loyalty with their end-users. We combine our proven process with qualitative insights for creative direction, from your key target audiences.

Nomenclature for:
  • Brand name
  • Corporate identity
  • Taglines
Name candidates are screened for:
  • Trademark availability
  • Tested for linguistic clearance
  • Validated with key demographics
  • Market acceptance

Brand Strategy

Our StrategyMatters™ platform offers fully-customized research, allowing our clients to make data-driven decisions. We use proven qualitative and quantitative methods to help uncover solutions to your specific challenges.

Kaleio provides a blueprint for brand development.
  • Structures your brand portfolio to develop and maximize equity in your space.
  • Strategic positioning
  • Discover the keys to brand loyalty
  • Convey product attributes and benefits

Brand Architecture

Our StrategyMatters™ platform assists our clients with their brand architecture and portfolio needs. We create and organize brands, products and services to help an audience access and relate to a brand. An established Brand Architecture is an important guide for brand extensions, sub-brands and development of new products.

We explore the following strategies:
  • Branded House
  • House of Brands
  • Hybrid or Endorsing Brand
  • Visual Leveraging

Market Research

Kaleio provides customized research to identify ideal name candidates based on key metrics – validated by your target audiences.

Brand Name Validation Testing:
  • Associations
  • Fit to concept
  • Recall
  • Likeability Preferences
  • Memorability
Select Market Research Capabilities:
  • Awareness, attitude, & usage (AAU)
  • Brand equity & brand positioning
  • Concept testing
  • Brand tracking
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Logo & packaging research
  • Conjoint analysis

Pricing Strategy

Price says a lot more about your brand or product than the cost – it helps create market positioning and value. Our StrategyMatters™ platform helps clients match their pricing strategy to their value proposition through pricing research methodologies.

Ask your target market:
  • PSM (Price Sensitivity Meter)
  • Expectations vs. Performance
  • Perception Matching
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)

price range » validate » optimize

Visual Identity

We approach each project with a refined balance of aesthetic design, implementation, and strategic considerations. We can develop a logo, create a packaging design, or develop uniform brand guidelines. We validate everything we create with your key demographics.


We have extensive experience developing memorable and approvable names for the pharmaceutical industry – our process is fully compliant with the latest guidance from all major safety authorities.

Pharmaceutical Naming:
  • Brand Name
  • Nonproprietary (USAN/INN)
  • Medical Device
We screen name candidates for the following:
  • Phonetic and Orthographic Similarity
  • Promotional or Exaggerative Analysis
  • Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA)


Our AvailaBrand™ platform includes trademark screening to uncover any potential conflicts in your desired markets.

We have trademark specialists to assist your legal team via our AvailaBrand™ platform - providing vital assistance in determining trademark viability. Our process covers all major global registries and individual countries upon request.


Our AvailaBrand™ platform includes linguistic screening to uncover any translation or transliteration issues with your name candidates.

Global Market Acceptance

We conduct linguistic screening in over 25 languages to identify:
  • Pronunciation issues
  • Negative connotations & associations
  • Colloquialisms